3arabi Song won the 2016 Rattle Chapbook Prize. It was selected from 1720 entries. You can order it here.


"Rarely does poetry seem to matter more than while reading the work of Zeina Hashem Beck--a poet of immense talent and passion who is clearly at the beginning of a long and important literary career. 3arabi Song is a book of displacement and connection, of gravity and grace, and the human music that binds us all together. It's a tribute to the Arab world and Arab singers, to refugees and refusal, to hope and home, to sorrow and song. Like no other collection we've read, these poems feel absolutely necessary. This little book will break your heart then mend it." --Rattle Editors

""Give me your pain and I will break it into quarter notes".  From the beginning, 3arabi Song opens the broken world and finds the shards beneath shimmering with beauty and hope. These poems ache with the music of reverie, balm for a torn country where grief and loss are as common as prayer. War, ritual, songs on the radio, lovers, friends and family all echo in this haunting collection, the poems calling us to return over and over, to endure, like the mother who urges, “Don’t be afraid, just sing it,”.../“Sabbouha means Sabah means morning,”/she said. Not mourning with a “u.” Yes, that thing that shines.”  --Dorianne Laux

“These poems are brilliantly balanced between languages, between nostalgia and news, between Self and Other. I could read them over and over like, well, playing a favourite Fairouz record, but here the words are the music and the words recreate a world I love, savour and mourn.”--Marilyn Hacker

"Zeina Hashem Beck’s work could not be more timely nor more evocative of the times we live in."    – HeArt  

"Zeina Hashem Beck’s 3arabi Song, winner of the 2016 Rattle Chapbook Prize, is a whirlwind of cultural and personal storytelling." – Diode

“By the end of the pamphlet, [Hashem] Beck’s is a voice that has established itself firmly in the ear: unyielding, wise, and deeply compassionate.” – The North

"...in times of distress, 3arabi Song’s sincerity and unyielding openness of heart come to the fore"                –  World Literature Today

"Zeina Hashem Beck’s 3arabi Song is a testament to the most ancient of human expressions, the ability to lyricize experience—to entrance and to heal through song." – So to Speak

"...3arabi Song is a book we all need to read, share and speak about." – themiraproject

A poem for Tripoli, Lebanon, and many other Arab cities, featuring the Fayha Choir. Performed at the 2016 Emirates Airline Festival of Literature.

In an interview with Epicenter in DC (below), Zeina Hashem Beck speaks about her forthcoming chapbook, poetry, politics, and the 2016 Split this Rock Poetry Festival, where she was a featured poet.