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Photo Credit: Angelo Aguilor

Photo Credit: Angelo Aguilor

ARABLIT | Zeina Hashem Beck’s Bilingual Duets:a form with many possibilities, layers, potential for friction, and modes of reading”

BULAQ PODCAST | Poems That Cross Language and Time | Conversation with Ursula Lindsey and Marcia Lynx Qualey (audio)

GOOD MAGAZINE | We Weren't Born in the Cities We Long For: "I do not write to feed the voyeuristic gaze of the Western world. I fight against it. I also don’t want someone to say, ‘Oh, those poor Arabs’ when they read my poetry. I want them to Google—just as I have Googled in my reading of ‘white literature’ ...despite the fact that that experience wasn’t mine, I built that bridge."

THE HINDU | Tishani Doshi profiles Zeina Hashem Beck, with a focus on Louder than Hearts.

FRIDAY MAGAZINE | Zeina Hashem Beck Tells Us Why Poetry Will Never Die

QANTARA | Our Broken Languages:  "Even ads on TV – I memorised and performed them. I made up stories. I wrote definitions for words that were not the dictionary definitions, they were my definitions."

WORDS WITHOUT BORDERS | The City and the Writer: In Tripoli with Zeina Hashem Beck: "I’ve always carried/will always carry Tripoli within me"

THE HONEST ULSTERMAN | Zeina Hashem Beck: An Interview

SPEAKING OF MARVELSInterview about There Was and How Much There Was and Louder than Hearts: "I think the act of writing poems is, in its essence, an act of translation."

AL JAZEERA ENGLISH | "When Death, war and song coexist" (October 2016) - Zahra Hankir speaks with Zeina Hashem Beck about her chapbook 3arabi Song, poetry, politics, loss, and language: "“Part of my job as a writer is to witness, to tell stories, to disrupt. This doesn't mean my poetry is only about displacement and war.”

THE POET AND THE POEM | Interview with Grace Cavalieri at the Library of Congress (Audio)

THE POETRY BUSINESS (click on "The Work) |  Q&A with Zeina Hashem Beck (September 2016) - “We didn’t have too many books in the house. I remember I once nagged to my mother about that, and she said, half-jokingly, “Read the big blue French-Arabic dictionary over there.” And that was good advice.”

TETHERED BY LETTERS | "TBL Author Q&A Series" (January 2017) 

L'ORIENT LE JOUR NEWSPAPER | "Zeina Hashem Beck: C'est l'ecriture qui vous choisit, pas le contraire" (August 2015)

BAZAAR MAGAZINE | "Zeina Hashem Beck's Ode to 'Byerouth'" (July 2015)

GEOSI READS: Interview with Lebanese Poet Zeina Hashem Beck (March 2015)

BARAKABITS | "Remembering Home with Lebanese Poet Zeina Hashem Beck" (March 2015)

THE NATIONAL NEWSPAPER | "Zeina Hashem Beck: Seeing Beirut in a Poetic New Light" (October 2014)

SUKOON | Zeina Hashem Beck talks about To Live in Autumn, writing, Tripoli, Beirut, and motherhood (October 2014)

THE CULTURE TRIP and DANNAWRITES | "The Place Poet: Zeina Hashem Beck Remembers Beirut"(October 2014)