Louder than Hearts is Zeina Hashem Beck's second full-length poetry collection. It has won the 2016 May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize, judged by Betsy Sholl, and has been released by Bauhan Publishing in April 2017. 



"I don't know how Zeina Hashem Beck is able to do this. Her poems feel like whole worlds. Potent conversations with the self, the soul, the many landscapes of being, and the news that confounds us all - her poems weave two languages into a perfect fabric of presence, with an almost mystical sense of pacing and power. "You Fixed It" might be one of the masterpieces of our time. There is death, loss, disaster, but more importantly, an exquisite sense of reviving language and poetry -- anthems of life, love, respect, abounding. Everything Arabic we treasure comes alive in these poems - readers will feel restored to so many homes, revived, amazed. Zeina Hashem Beck writes with a brilliant, absolutely essential voice.”

-- Naomi Shihab Nye

"Zeina Hashem Beck’s manuscript, Louder than Hearts, has it all—compelling language and a sense of moral gravitas, personal urgency and the ability to address a larger world with passion and artfulness.   These poems are sensual and serious.  They have grit and spirit, grief and music.  They give us a contemporary woman making her complex negotiations with history and culture in a voice that is strong and discerning, God-soaked and edgy, able to carry both loss and beauty, to make music out of personal longing and cultural tragedy.   By threading Arabic words throughout the book Hashem Beck creates a meditation on the possibilities and limitations of translation, cultural and linguistic. And yet, how clearly these poems speak to us all.   Louder than Hearts is certainly timely in the way it provides a lens through which to see life in the Middle East, and hear the musical mix of English and Arabic.  But the poems are also timeless explorations of love and loss, of an individual’s attempt to understand her own intimate experience within the larger context of world events and the spiritual realities that permeate them." --Betsy Sholl


“Here, as always in the poetry of Zeina Hashem Beck the world pliés before us in all of its ruthless beauty and terror.” -- Best American Poetry

"In fewer than 100 pages, Louder than Hearts invents a fearless new language that shelters within both Arabic and English, borrowing from the two bodies of words and their multiple overlapping cultures. There is no need for English-only readers to understand Arabic or resort to Google translate, much as we can enjoy Junot Diaz without knowing Spanish, or Andrea Bocelli without knowing Italian. Close your eyes and listen." -- The National

"Grounded, as always, in detailed observation, [Hashem] Beck records and hymns the ordinary gifts of physicality, motherhood, and living between two languages; a way of walking us through her world." --The London Magazine

Louder than Hearts is on the Asian American Writers Workshop's April Bookmarks list. 

"Reading Louder than Hearts, it struck me that Zeina has invented her own language, something between English and Arabic." -- The Hindu

"There isn’t a word of falseness, a hint of voguish irony — just a deep love for her subjects and her language and an astonishing ability to relay that in verse. [...] There’s no simpler way to say: it’s actual magic, the kind of magic poetry is uniquely capable of performing. Again and again in the collection, Beck demonstrates herself to be a sincere master of this conjuring." - Kaveh Akbar on Ron Slate's Blog

"Lebanese poet Zeina Hashem Beck delivers a tour de force in her second collection, inviting the reader to join her in the emotional interstices between the Arab and Western worlds that she inhabits and embodies." -- World Literature Today

"Louder than Hearts is a book of vision, freedom and originality." -- The Asian Review of Books

" Zeina Hashem Beck has produced one of the most exciting, dynamic poetry collections I have read in a long, long time." -- George Abraham in Sukoon